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People have trusted Advantage Foam Insulators for over 10 years to make their lives more comfortable, both on the job and at home. No more air leakage or energy robbing drafts to worry about. Every nook and cranny is effortlessly sealed. 


Each home is a unique system. Homes are evaluated for air leakage, R-value, comfort, and health. Attic insulation and crawlspace insulation are the most common repairs for existing homes. 


Whether you are in Minnesota or the upper west of Wisconsin, we will deliver performance you can count on.

Advantage Foam Insulators Services:



Why live in an uncomfortable house? Cold rooms, high utility bills, hot areas, uncomfortable temperatures, gutter ice dams, are all indicators that your home is in need of insulation upgrades.  


Click here to learn how your home can become better insulated.


              New Homes/Additions

Build it right!!!

New construction insulated with foam is quieter, cleaner and more comfortable than standard construction.


If you are planning on living in your new home more than 4 years, foam is not only more comfortable but less expensive too.

Click here for more info.


Cold floors, air sealing, condensation control, sound reduction, and lowering energy use are all reasons to use spray foam in commercial applications.


We have sprayed over 40 million bd ft of both open cell and closed cell foam. Click here for more info about commercial products and applications. 

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