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Retrofit of exterior walls in existing home


Many older homes were built without wall insulation or they have old insulation that was never adequate and now, filled with dirt, has lost its ability to keep the house warm.  Access to the walls from the inside would be a major disruption and very costly. Every room would have holes drilled, walls cut or removed. Dirt and dust would be a daily challenge to control and every room would need patching and repainting. Wallpaper and tile walls would be even more challenging.



While the siding is being replaced access openings can easily be cut from the outside. This allows for complete access to the wall cavities. Removing old insulation and installing a full fill of air sealing spray foam insulation is now possible without any disruption inside. This house was insulated in just 2 days and upon completion was as well insulated as the best new homes.

Retrofit walls
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