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"Great job! Pete came and visited with us and gave us options based on our present situation at the time. Very great to work with. Kept us up to date on when to expect the work done and the crews arrived exactly when he said they would. Very great bunch of guys and very careful. Anyone looking to re-insulate an existing home, these are the guys!! Our home was built mid-70's and insulation wasn't meeting today's needs. We can tell the difference in the house already.......just feels more cozy and we don't have the exteme difference in temps from floor to floor. As my Granddaughter would say "YOU GUYS ROCK!!!"

Cold Floors
Retrofit Wall Insulation

One of the building industry’s oldest problems is the cold floor. Cold floors occur when they are built over unconditioned spaces, such as above a garage, over a porch, over a crawl space and cantilevered beyond the exterior wall of the building... read more

Many older home were built without wall insulation or they have old insulation that was never adequate and now, filled with dirt, has lost its ability to keep the house warm.  Access to the walls from the inside would be a major disruption and very more

Crawlspace Case Study

Application Case Study: Crawlspace Insulation Renovation

The Problem:
The Village at Fox Point is a 56 building, 450-unit housing project originally constructed in 1949. The buildings and individual units were heated until the 1980’s by steam generated from a central plant and distributed through underground more

Preventing Ice Dams

Although sometimes thought of as a problem with roofing or attic ventilation, ice dams are actually caused by the presence of warm air in the attic, combined with snow on the roof and the right weather conditions. When heat leaks into the attic it melts the underside of the more

Unvented Attic, Summer

When a builder decides to put an air conditioner or duct work in a hot attic he has determined that you will overpay your utility bill forever. Air conditioning systems don't make cold air... read more

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